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Potted 3.5ft Radiata Pine - Has that Christmas tree smell and will be with you for years to come. 

Comes in a 13 litre black plastic pot. Keep out of direct sun and give plenty of water throughout the summer months and it will be your tree for many years. 

Possessing a mild and pleasant scent and long, soft needles, the Radiata pine is the most well known Christmas tree variety in Australia. Native to a small island off the coast of California in the U.S., the Radiata pine makes a fast growing and hardy potted Christmas tree. 

It is a hardy, drought tolerant tree, which can grow over 2 metres tall in 3-4 years when planted in the ground, compared to the 7-9 years and very cold climate required by most firs and spruces to reach the same height. Whilst potted you can control the growth of the tree by the size of pot you place it in.

If you're not happy with your tree when picking up we will provide a full refund.

3.5ft Radiata Pine - Potted Tree

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